Have you ever started your day with all kinds of plans and sometime during the day you got off track? I know I have. I’ve also found that if I don’t have my days planned out, nothing gets done.   Well, I think I have found a solution….The Living Well Planner by Ruth Soukup ( ). … Continue reading FANTASTIC FIND!

“What’s for dinner?”—the Biggest Dinner Dilemma

As a child I never realized most families had the same dinner time problem. It wasn't until I had my own children that I realized that if I didn't have my family's meals planned out, I never knew what to prepare.  Dinner time was worse especially after I started working outside the house full-time.  I … Continue reading “What’s for dinner?”—the Biggest Dinner Dilemma

Hot Summer, Cool Kitchen!

Welcome to the first day of summer! I don’t know about anyone else, but here in southwestern Oklahoma it’s been summer since before Memorial Day. We’ve already seen a couple of days with temperatures in the 100s. Lately it’s been in the mid to upper 90s and mostly no rain. It’s going to be one … Continue reading Hot Summer, Cool Kitchen!

A New Journey Begins

Today I'm embarking on a new "journey". I've decided to share my passion for cooking with you. I'm Suzanne Baker and I've been cooking more than half my life. I developed my passion for cooking from watching my parents. My real passion started with baking, but as the years went, I found that my sweet … Continue reading A New Journey Begins