“What’s for dinner?”—the Biggest Dinner Dilemma

As a child I never realized most families had the same dinner time problem. It wasn’t until I had my own children that I realized that if I didn’t have my family’s meals planned out, I never knew what to prepare.  Dinner time was worse especially after I started working outside the house full-time.  I would always come home and race around the kitchen trying to find something in the freezer that wouldn’t take forever to thaw out and cook.  Of course, those times were very rare.

I didn’t find the answer until 2011 when I became a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant.  That’s where I was introduced to freezer meals.  I know freezer meals aren’t a new idea, but it was for me. The bad thing for me was that this discovery happened after my children were adults and had moved out of the house. Now it’s just my husband and I, but those freezer meals still work for us.

Go from this:

5 Meals Groceries

To this:

Prep for 5 Meals

in about an hour.

Tastefully Simple has Meal Kits, 30- or 10-meals.  Each one comes with menu, grocery lists, and recipes with full-color pictures. Each meal can serve 6…if you have a hardy eater, you can increase the protein and not compromise the flavor.  Not all of the recipes are freezer meals, but most of them are or can be.  The recipes have both the traditional and freezer meal directions.


These meals are not like any of the others. Tastefully Simple provides the FLAVOR; you provide the FRESH.


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